From now until March 21st, the windows of Emporio Armani on 5th Ave and 57th st feature a stunning collection of couture Armani gowns worn by celebrities on the red carpets in the past few years. To help Armani present their Red Carpet Retrospective, we built sleek and simple black risers for the mannequins complete with a thick Red Ribbon stripe in the background.
Both the ribbon and the risers gently incline upwards towards the back of the store which connects beautifully to the graphic incline shape that is repeated in the huge l.e.d. display that covers the facade of the building.

Not to be outdone, Lady Gaga's dazzling outer space dress with sparkly underpants from this year's Grammy's takes the corner window spot.

Although, Beyonce's Grammy grabbing Mini with intricate high shoulders is also a jaw-dropper (image via NBC New York)

Here's a better look from inside the Armani store. Although the gowns get all the attention, this photo does provide the best view of the risers and red carpet stripe we produced.

In you're in New York for the next 10 days, come and check this unique and beautiful exhibit of high-end formal gowns worn by the stars including Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Avril Levigne, Anne Hathaway, Fergie, January Jones and Elizabeth Banks

Red Carpet Retrospective in the press!

NBC New York


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