Last year we were given a wonderful opportunity to work closely with two very talented clients to design and produce a modern interior for their new home. Initially hired to design their closets to maximize space, the project then expanded to designing furniture, custom ceiling, floor and wall treatments. Using a modern monochrome palette, the furniture was a luxurious mix of grey stained walnut and oak, white lacquer, black, brown and white leather, and a warm natural oak.

A look at the grey walnut bed with black leather upholstered headboard and matching nightstands.

A closeup of the nightstand.

Also in the bedroom, we built a grey walnut paneled wall with cantilevered underlit shelves and a long low cabinet with a stone top.

The bedroom also features a shiny black lacquered ceiling.

The home office features a custom work surface with cantilevered steel underlit shelving above and lacquered filing cabinets below.

Also featured in the home office are additional floor-to-ceiling storage units.

To tie into the history of the building, a custom finished tin ceiling was installed in the guest room.

Here are some shots of the custom closet interiors lined with rift oak.

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.