To celebrate the new retrospective exhibition of artist Paul Thek at the Whitney Museum of American Art, we were commissioned to design the opening party held at the museum. Paul Thek was famous for his unusually vibrant color sense, use of raw materials and glass boxes with surprising contents. Drawing upon this sensibility Geoff chose an offbeat and bold color palette. Glass Boxes were used to contain the candles and flowers of table centerpieces. The entrance screen shown below was made of stained 2 x 4's with hardware cloth holding a broad swath of hydrangeas, dramatically side lit. Below the screen is a collection of various sized glass boxes holding a variety of lit candles.

Like the Hydrangeas, an array of boldly colored plates adorned the tables.

(view from the street shows the Hydrangeas wall from the lobby and the dining area below)

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.